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    Terms and conditions
    Cheetah Travel Centre refereed as CTC in terms below.
    I agree that as promised I was given the complaints form to give lodge my complaints.
    I understand that my complaints may get rejected if I have no proof of my claim.
    I agree that I have not talked, mention or pursued others to raise their voice for my own gains just to get the refund from CTC.
    I agreed that I didn’t create fitna / fasad /sedition against the group leader during my time of traveling in the group and obeyed the leader every command without the sedition.
    I understand that my claims are legitimate however they do not contradict to the deed/terms and conditions I accepted.
    I understand that I was aware of the package which was sold to me.
    I have not breached any of the contract/deeds/terms and conditions I had from CTC. If I did, then my claim(s) will be rejected or dismissed.
    If I have mentioned CTC in public including online and person to person. CTC has the right to defend themselves by giving any details about me out to the public in any way that fits ( including personal details of mine ) to prove their points.
    I believe I have the right to the compensation provided that my claim(s) are legitimate and as evidence.
    CTC has the right to investigate the matter and give the response to my claims as see fit and when ready.
    I will not be disgracing CTC until my claim(s) investigations are complete, otherwise, My claim may be dismissed.
    I will accept whatever the decisions will be made by CTC investigators.
    If my claims get accepted CTC can refund me, ( whichever will be decided by the CTC ) provided I meet all the conditions.